Our Center regularly organizes every kind of contest each year – for example

National Student Competition of Music

National Student Competition of Music which has the most participants is the largest contest in Taiwan, including 12 main categories for group performance and 13 main categories for solo instruments, solo and other items. Multiple of competition categories it could even be regarded as the number one competition in the world.

Every year around 130 thousand students take part in the preliminary and at last sixty thousand students enter the final round. During the whole of March, students no matter if they are from music schools or not, play heart touching music at regional competition venues in northern, central and southern Taiwan. This makes Taiwan’s March competitions not only bring musical pleasure ,but reveal the energy of youth.

Through the competition, it is expected that students are able to demonstrate their learning outcomes and that the development of music education can be upgraded. Thus, after the competition, to extend the educational benefits and share outstanding art performance, supported by the organizer, some excellent teams also have chances to give a series of performances at different venues throughout the country.

National Student Competition of Creative Drama Art

The competition aims to drive art education at different levels of school, encourage students to demonstrate learning outcomes of creative drama and lead students to take an interest in learning performance art such as puppet shows, or drama and theater. Through participation and performance, the depth of drama art and team spirit enables students to upgrade their ability to integrate art as well as humanities and culture.

National Competition of Folk Song for Teachers and Students

In order to cultivate teachers and students to take an interest in learning folk songs and their mother tongue, encourage them to have knowledge of a multi cultural environment, this competition promotes folk song teaching to implement mother-tongue music education.

National Student' Art Competition

The competition aims to cultivate students' art competencies and appreciation abilities and implement art education at school. In 1951, Taiwan Province Student Fine Art Exhibition was first hosted by the Department of Education, Taiwan Provincial Government. From the very beginning, students could enter 9 categories offered in 3 divisions in the competition ,but now there are as many as 55 categories offered in 7 divisions. National Taiwan Arts Education Center has taken over this competition since 2011.The competition has been regarded as the best in terms of entries and the scale.

National Students' Picture Book Creation Award

This competition, in order to encourage students to bring out their imagination and creativity to create picture books for kids, students are allowed to widen their horizons, deepen their learning and foster their observation and thinking through the picture language.

From 2006, we host National Students' Picture Book Creation Award every year, collate the distinguished books into volumes and promote them by creating page-flipping ebooks. Recently, we also use these distinguished works to make digital interactive picture books and adopt Teamlab, interactive projectors and a large touch screen monitor to provide an area for parents and kids to engage in interactive reading as well as a story house-Creative Island for picture book reading. Entry into these places is free for everyone and we believe that through wide acknowledgement of these books, common people are able to nurture creativity and imagination.

Literature and Arts Creative Award by Ministry of Education

This competition aims to encourage teachers and students to develop creative writing in new ways and enhance cultural competence. Launched in 1981, it is the oldest literary and artistic competition hosted by Ministry of Education. Competition categories, divisions and entry classes: for teachers- drama scripts, short novels, essays, poems and fairy tales and for students-drama scripts, short novels, essays and poems.

Taiwan Folk Song

The competition intends to promote folk songs, foster local talent musicians, and apply regional cultural elements to create folk songs, which contributes to passing down, developing, creating and deepening the local culture.

Arts Education Contribution Award

The award is dedicated to the groups or individuals who make contributions to promoting art in education and praise their continual devotion to art education, inspiring students and the public to appreciate arts. It is expected that the introduction of the winners can bring out a more beautiful and wonderful society. The talented individuals of the new century are supposed to have concern for the humans and art competence. Due to art teachers’ efforts, it is possible to deepen and develop art education and to continually promote aesthetic education .