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Proclamation for Copyrights of Office Site of National Taiwan Arts Education Center

  • A user who browses or uses our website is regarded as a person who has totally accepted and understood all the regulations of this proclamation, related laws in Taiwan, all international internet regulations and customary practice. Therefore, a user cannot use our website by any illegal method.
  • Under the limited circumstances of individual and non-commercial purposes, a user can follow regulations related to Intellectual Property Law to freely browse and use our website and download clearly-permitted information or files from our website. Please record the source when the information is published.
  • Without written agreement of National Taiwan Arts Education Center (below, called Our Center) and webpage writers, commercial institutes or groups cannot copy, re-make, spread, broadcast in public, publish or sell content of our website in any form.
  • Except when there are special indications, copyrights of all kinds of contents including texts, pictures, visual-audio stuffs, software and computer programmes published in our website should belong to our Center or can be used under the permission of copyright holders and are also protected by Copyright Act of Republic of China. For example, the main picture set horizontally on the top of our website is taken from dancing image of “Chasing the Wind and Catching the Shadow – Reappearance.” It is used by our Center with the permission of the Jade & Artists Dance Troupe.
  • Our website also connects with other websites using hyperlinks. The copyrights belong to their websites’ construction or maintenance teams.
  • Any individual or non-commercial institute can freely connect with our Center using a hyperlink. Please link using our website’s Logo.